Apparel and home textile donations

Textiles include: clothes, soft accessories (scarves, gloves, hats etc), shoes, bags, home apparel, curtains, interior pillows, towels and tablecloths.

  1. Pack the folded textiles, shoes and hard items* (crockery, books etc) separately in different donation bags, as the items are handled differently at our sorting station and Fida secondhand Shops.
  2. Pair the shoes with a rubber band or a ribbon in order to keep the shoes together. Remove dirt from the soles and make sure that the shoes do not make other donation items dirty in the bag.
  3. Put newspaper inside shoes that will be placed in a collection box. This helps the shoes to keep their original shape longer.
  4. Remove all price tags, such as those from self-service flea markets.
  5. If you take the donation to a collection box, please remember to close the bag tightly so that it does not get wet. If possible, pack the items in two plastic bags and close the bag with adhesive tape, by doing so the items are fit for sale when it arrives to a Fida secondhand Shop.

This helps us speed up the sorting of donations and restore the value of the donation:

  • Close all buttons and zippers.
  • Empty the pockets.
  • Clean the items from stains and animal hair.
  • If the textiles have been stored for a longer period or if they are wrinkled, air them for a few days before packing the donation.

*) Please take all hard items directly to your nearest Fida secondhand Shop, as these can break easily when placed in the collection boxes!