Thank you for recycling

Three ways to donate goods

Take them to a Shop after the Coronavirus outbreak

Please do not leave any donations outside our Fida secondhand Shops!

Drop them in a collection box

Find your closest collection box here for clothes and household textiles that are fit for sale.

Find your nearest collection box

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we happily accept:

  • clothing
  • household textiles
  • shoes and other accessories

that are placed in our collection boxes. Please note that because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we have limited capacity to handle donated goods. If possible, we suggest our customers to make donations at a later point, after the crisis situation.

Please do not place any hard items, such as furniture, crockery or books, in our collection boxes.

If you are moving, please check out other possibilities to recycle (e.g. wood or textiles not fit for sale), such as the services offered by HSY in Helsinki, Sortti stations.


Check condition

Please only donate items that you would be happy to buy yourself; undamaged, clean, and fit for sale.