Home accessories

Home accessories are, among other things, tableware and cutlery, small interior decoration items, books, magazines, toys, board games, jewellery, and cosmetics. 

  1. Pack all hard home accessories separate from textiles. Please bring all fragile items, such as tableware, directly to your closest Fida secondhand Shop or donate them through our free pick-up service. Remember to pack the fragile items well.
  2. Jewellery should be packed in separate mini bags so that they do not get lost among the other donations.
  3. Make sure that toys and board games, such as puzzles, have all parts and pieces and are fit for sale.
  4. We accept cosmetics and hygiene products only if the package is in good shape.
  5. Remove all price tags, such as those from self-service flea markets.

This helps us speed up the sorting of donations and restore the value of the donation:

  • Clean the items from dust.
  • If you donate antique items or valuables, we highly appreciate a note saying something about the producer, age, material, origin or history of the product. This helps us estimate the price of the item.