Electronics as donations

Electronics are all electric and battery driven devices (except lamps), records, CDs,  DVDs and kitchen and other home appliances.

  1. Fida accepts only electronics and electric appliances that are still working, undamaged and fit for sale – preferably under five years of age.
  2. Remove all batteries from the appliance and recycle them accordingly.
  3. Clean the inside of the appliance and e.g. the nozzle (coffee grounds, bread crumbs, dust bag), we will not clean the appliance before putting it for sale.
  4. Please check that the record, CD or DVD disc still works, is free from scratches and that it matches the disc cover.
  5. Remember to pack all cords, chargers, manuals etc. in the donation bag together with the appliance. You can attach the different parts with a rubber band or put them in a separate bag and attach the bag to the appliance with painter’s tape.

If you happen to notice that some of your appliances are not fit for sale, please read your local sorting station’s instructions, for the Helsinki region, see here: HSY’s sorting instructions on how to properly recycle electric waste.